Core Services

Information and Referral

Hundreds of people call the CIL of Bucks County each year for information on various disability-related issues and services. Our on-site data bank contains thousands of resources to assist you.

Peer-Support Counseling

This service, a departure from traditional counseling, offers a person with a disability the opportunity to discuss personal problems with someone who has shared similar experiences. Peer counseling will provide you with credible, practical solutions from someone who has been in your situation. Peer counseling is offered in both individual and group settings.

Individual Advocacy

The CIL assists consumers in maneuvering through the complications, questions, and at times, roadblocks that may be encountered when trying to access the benefits, products and services that meet your needs. During the advocacy process, you will also learn how to advocate for yourself.

Independent Living Skills Training

The CIL of Bucks County provides skills training in group and individual settings. The CIL has developed a series of trainings focused on budgeting, self-advocacy, social communication, health and wellness, as well as other areas of life skills management. These trainings enhance your ability to take charge of your own life.

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